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Safari Kitchen, Kenya

Sophie in the Orient

A Gift from the Earth

The famous golf course near Tokyo where it all started

Professor Satoshi Omura in his gallery connected to the hospital of the Kitasato Institute

Karaoke time with Professor Toshi Sunazuka

Sophie Grigson in the Home Counties

On the Isis

On the Grand Union Canal

In the Canal Boat


Celia Kench, co-presenter & Virgin balloon pilot and I before lift-off.

Brendon on the left
Testing the Harrier

Enjoying life at 51,000 ft while test flying the Gulfstream IV.

Sophie Grigson

Sophie & John Thurso

Antonio Carluccio with Sophie

Jennifer and camera at Ait Ben Haddou

Director, Maximillian Jacobson - Gonzalez & Sophie's Assistant, Aaron Durrant

A resident of the house

Sophie truly in the Souk!

Sophie and Khalil crossing a river in the more traditional manner

Sophie and Ben Campbell, our director at the famous Atlas Studios in Ourzazate



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